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Heartiest congratulations to our students for getting placed.
We wish them great success and happiness

Nitish Mauriya

AIR 90

Udham Patel

AIR 500 CSE-2022

Pankaj Verma

AIR 515

Anushri Sachan

AIR 633


AIR 762

Kumar Shanu

AIR 772

Vivek Sonawane

AIR 792

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Chemistry Optional Paper 2

84 19 ₹29,500.00₹23,000.00

Chemistry optional Paper 1

81 19 ₹29,500.00₹23,000.00

Geochemist Exam (Prelims Chemistry)

48 3 ₹15,000.00₹10,000.00

Geochemist Mains Paper 1

17 4 ₹10,000.00₹7,500.00

Geochemist Mains Paper 2

25 3 ₹15,000.00₹11,500.00

Geochemist Mains Paper 3

49 3 ₹23,000.00₹18,000.00

Chemistry Dias also available on Playstore and iOS

Successful Students Photo gallery

Successful Students Photo gallery