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    This Korean theatre is about a new group of prosperous high school students who are involved with a murder circumstance. It explores typically the themes of arriving of age, wealth, and relationships. Kim Tan, the chaebol heir to Jeguk Group, is the particular main character. The half-brother Kim Won is a policeman who tries in order to solve the criminal offense. Despite the series’ dated cinematography, that is a good watch intended for its characters.


    The main character, Tae-oh, is the narrator and the key character of typically the show. The plan revolves around the life of Tae-oh’s father and his relationship with his mother. Each many men ambitious, which in turn makes their story compelling and mental. Unlike in American dramas, which may be incredibly cheesy, a Korean drama is more likely in order to be realistic.

    This particular Korean drama is set in Seoul. It is an unkempt apartment that includes a communal bathroom and even kitchen. Yoon Jong-woo moves to Seoul after accepting work offer from a new friend. He rent an inexpensive apartment, and soon begins to be able to notice strange things happening in the apartment building. Lee Dong-wook plays a serial killer. The movie is some sort of dark comedy regarding a family’s disorder.

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    The plot in the show is based around the two main characters: some sort of young man that is the sole heir to a new family business disposition and an focused young girl that works for the parents. The two are pressured to work to the family financial obligations. The three main figures are connected by a small kitten. The show’s plan is built around three reunions that take place throughout the yr. The four story lines are connected by way of the use regarding a small pet called a tiger woods.